Palm Sunday Bingo

Palm Sunday Bingo


This free download comes with a simple 5x5 version with 20 unique game cards.

Palm Sunday Bingo Instructions

  1. Print one of the Bingo PDF sheets. We’ve included a full-color version and a version with a white background for easier printing.
  2. Find the Leader Card (last page) and cut out all of the squares. Put these in a hat or bowl to use during the game.
  3. Give each child one of the bingo cards (there are 20 unique bingo cards included). Also make sure each child has a marker/crayon or if you want to play multiple rounds with the same card, give them beans or poker chips to cover their card with so they can be easily removed after each round.
  4. To begin, draw squares from the leader’s hat or bowl and hold them up for all the kids to see. If they have that same picture on their card they should mark it off.
  5. Note the center space is FREE on all cards. You can play until someone gets 5 in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), or you can play a cover-all game to see who can cover their entire page first.

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