Lift Curriculum Annual Membership

Lift Curriculum Annual Membership

Start today! Plan your entire year of ministry instantly for less than $1 per day.

What is Lift Curriculum?

Lift is a Christ-Centered Children’s Ministry curriculum. This means that Jesus is central to every lesson. Whether we begin with an Old Testament story, a New Testament passage, or a lesson based on a topic, all paths lead to Jesus. Each story is told, and each lesson delivered, with the purpose of promoting and glorifying Christ in the minds and hearts of students.

What is Included?

Everything! Well everything you see on our website.  With Lift there are no confusing price tiers based on how many kids attend your church.  You pay $297 once per year to gain access to download EVERYTHING on the Lift website for 365 days.  This includes everything that is currently available and all new content added during the course of your membership.  This includes:

Why Jesus Every Week?

Jesus claimed to be the fulfillment, main topic, and focus of the entire Old Testament. And following Jesus is the prolific theme of the entire New Testament. We believe that as Jesus followers, and Bible teachers, our job is to promote Christ.

Does Lift Teach the Old Testament?

Absolutely! The Old Testament is taught through the lens of Christ. It is fascinating to see how clear many Old Testament accounts become, when we recognize Jesus as the ultimate fulfillment of scripture. 

Won’t “Jesus Every Week” Get Redundant?

Not at all. For the most part, Jesus is all that the New Testament authors wrote about. The love, grace, wisdom, and perfection of Jesus are vast and compelling. There are always new truths to recognize and appreciate about His goodness!

Core Beliefs

“We believe that salvation is only found in Jesus Christ.”

-John 14:6

Jesus is the main event of the Bible; the fulfillment of scripture’s entire purpose.

-Matthew 5:17

-Luke 27:44

-John 5:39

The Old Testament is crucial to our faith, and not to be disregarded, avoided, or downplayed. 

-Romans 15:4

Jesus is the complete embodiment and revelation of God’s character.

-John 14:6-9

-Hebrews 1:1-3

Our job is to pronounce, promote, and to glorify Jesus. His job, is to draw people to himself. If we faithfully lift Jesus up, then people will be drawn to Him.

-John 12:32

Spiritual growth is not the result of good deeds, behavior modification, or character development. Rather these result from growing closer to Jesus and remaining with him.

-John 15:4 

The teachings of Jesus are authoritative, and the Gospels are historical, literal, and credible.

-Luke 1:1-4

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