Why Lift Curriculum?

In John 12:32, Jesus says, “When I am lifted up… I will draw all people to myself.”

While Jesus said this to describe how he would die, these words hold a meaningful directive for those of us in ministry today. It is a promise that if we are faithful in lifting Jesus up, He will be faithful in drawing people to him. Lift Curriculum is all about lifting Jesus up, before our children every week.

Why Jesus Every Week?

Jesus claimed to be the fulfillment, main topic, and focus of the entire Old Testament. And following Jesus is the prolific theme of the entire New Testament. We believe that as Jesus followers, and Bible teachers, our job is to promote Christ. We also feel very passionately that if a child only attends church one time, we don't want to miss that chance to glorify the name of Jesus.


Does Lift Teach the Old Testament?

Absolutely! The Old Testament is taught through the lens of Christ. It is fascinating to see how clear many Old Testament accounts become, when we recognize Jesus as the ultimate fulfillment of scripture. 


Won’t “Jesus Every Week” Get Redundant?

Not at all. For the most part, Jesus is all that the New Testament authors wrote about. The love, grace, wisdom, and perfection of Jesus are vast and compelling. There are always new truths to recognize and appreciate about His goodness!

We believe that when people really know what Jesus is like, He becomes impossible to resist.

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