That's Messed Up!

That's Messed Up!



"Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance." James 1:2-3

Lesson 1: Life’s trials are not punishments from God.

Synopsis: Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son. After Joseph received a special robe from his father, and having dreams about his rise to power, his brothers were overcome with jealousy and hate, They threw Joseph in a pit, faked his death, and sold him into slavery. Joseph’s life got messed up, even though his did nothing wrong. That’s just how life goes sometimes. Sometimes we can think that we experience hardships because God is punishing us. In fact, this is how most of the people in the Bible thought. But Jesus taught that this is not true.
Scripture: Gen 37, Joseph’s life gets messed up.

Lesson 2: Jesus can work through our hardships to do great things.

Synopsis: Joseph suffered many trials and hardships. And God used those hardships to Joseph’s benefit. God is never in the business of making bad things happen. (James 1:13) But when bad things do happen, Jesus can use them to grow us, benefit us, and teach us things that will help us in the future.
Scripture: Gen 39-41, God is faithful through Joseph’s hardships

Lesson 3: We can recognize how God works through bad situations.

Synopsis: We will quickly cover Genesis 42-44, where Joseph forgives his brothers. Then focus on Genesis 45:1-20, where Joseph recognized all of the amazing things that God did in the midst of Joseph’s hardships. He looks back, and sees that God was at work the entire time. We will take some time to recognize what God has done for us through both good and bad circumstances.
Scripture: Gen 42-44, Joseph recognizes God’s work.

Lesson 4: Jesus offers us perfect and unconditional forgiveness. 

Synopsis: When Joseph’s brothers learned that their father had died, they were afraid. They thought that without their father alive, Joseph might decide to get his revenge. They lied to Joseph, telling him that before his death, Jacob commanded Joseph not to harm his brothers. When Joseph got their message, he was hurt by it so badly that he wept. But instead of accusing or punishing his brothers, Joseph gently and kindly reassured them that they would be alright. This is how Jesus forgives us, and how he wants us to forgive those who hurt us.
Scripture: Gen 49-50, Joseph forgives his brothers again


May Memory Verse: “All things work together for good to them that love God.”  -Romans 8:28

Main Idea: I can trust God through hard times.

Bible Story: God is Faithful to Joseph - Genesis 37-50

Included Each Week: A craft, wiggle-tamer, table time activity, discussion questions, take-home page, and more.


Creative Teaching Method: Storytelling with Pictures

This Week’s Focus: Jesus is with us during scary times. 


Creative Teaching Method: Storytelling with Props

This Week’s Focus: Jesus forgives us like Joseph forgave his brothers.


Creative Teaching Method: Storytelling with Interactive Roleplay

This Week’s Focus: Jesus is kind and provides for us.


Creative Teaching Method: Storytelling with Questions Only

This Week’s Focus: God worked through Joseph’s struggles to do great things.

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