Good Vibes

Good Vibes


Each month will now include a preschool lesson that matches the theme of the Elementary lesson and can be used throughout the month.

Preschool Main Idea: A Teachable heart is good soil for God’s word.

Preschool Bible Story: Matthew 13, Parable Of The Sower



“Here is something I am still sure of I will see the Lord’s goodness while I’m still alive.” Psalm 27:13 (NIRV)

November 5: God’s Goodness is Greater than “Good.”

Synopsis: When we say “good,” we are often only referring to the absence of “bad."  But when the Bible says Good, it is talking about awesome creations, selfless deeds, and acts of love and kindness. After a quick look at how the word “Good” is used in Genesis 1, we will learn what Jesus says it looks like for us to be good.
Scripture: Genesis 1, Good from the Get-Go
Worship Songs: Monumental God, I've Got The Joy, Goodness of God
Game Video: What's Under The Leaves
Bible Story Video: What's Good?

November 12: A Teachable heart is good soil for God’s word.

Synopsis: In the Parable of the Sower, seeds falls upon different types of soil; hard, shallow, thorny, and good. Only the seeds in the good soil successfully sprouted and grew. When we follow Jesus, we want the seed of God’s word to grow and thrive in our lives. We want to be like the good soil. But how do we do that? We will explore the properties of good soil in contrast to the three examples of bad soil.
Scripture: Matthew 13, Parable Of The Sower
Worship Songs: Monumental God, I've Got The Joy, Ever Be
Game Video: Turkey Shuffle
Bible Story Video: Parable Of The Sower

November 19: Jesus Assures Us that God is Good.

Synopsis: In Matthew, Jesus almost exclusively uses the word “Father” when referring to God. And in chapter seven, Jesus asserts that God is not just a Father, but a good one. In fact, he is far better than any earthly father could ever be! In spite of this, we sometimes struggle to embrace God’s goodness. We will spend some time recognizing God’s goodness, and thanking Him for the good things that he provides.
Scripture: Matthew 7:7-12, Snakes and Stones
Worship Songs: Goodness of God, Ever Be, Great Things 
Game Video: 1 Minute Madness: Thanksgiving
Bible Story Video: Your Heavenly Father

November 26: We are Saved by the Goodness of Jesus.

Synopsis: By all earthy standards, the rich, young ruler was good. He had youth, money, influence, and authority. Those are all good things. He collapsed at the feet of Jesus, asking “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” From here, the young man’s story goes downhill. He asserts and defends his own goodness, ultimately learning that his goodness wasn’t good enough. Our goodness is never good enough. We can only be saved by the goodness of Jesus.
Scripture: Joshua 24:1-15 Joshua's Farewell.
Worship Songs: Goodness of God, Great Things, King of My Heart
Game Video: 1 Minute Madness: Christmas
Bible Story Video: Rich Young Ruler

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