Preschool Main Idea:  Noah was saved by the things that he did. But we are saved by what Jesus did.

Preschool Bible Story: Genesis 6-9, Noah


Worship Songs: Deep & Wide, See A Victory

Because repetition is so important for this age group, preschoolers will be allowed to focus on the same Bible story for the entire month. However, each week will offer a new way to present that Bible story to your group using creative storytelling techniques, crafts, games, and more! You'll also get a take home sheet for parents and a special lesson for 1 & 2 year olds.



Week 1: Jesus undid sin’s power to separate us from God

Synopsis: Because Adam & Eve sinned, a flaming sword sealed them off from the garden. It was a barrier, placed between God and people. During Jesus’ life on earth, the same separation was symbolized by a curtain in the temple, separating God from people. But when Jesus died, that barrier was destroyed.
Scripture: Genesis 3, The Fall
Worship Songs: Whom Shall I Fear, Deep And Wide, See a Victory
Game Video: Hot Cocoa No No
Bible Story Video: Adam and Eve

Week 2: Cain and Abel offered the first sacrifices. Jesus offered the last.

Synopsis: Old Testament animal sacrifice is a confusing topic that is far too prolific in the Bible to be avoided. God gave specific instructions about sacrifice to Moses, but through the prophets, He condemned and prohibited the practice. But by Jesus’ sacrifice, this violent and confusing ritual comes to an end. Jesus is the sacrifice to end all sacrifices.
Scripture: Genesis 4, Cain and Abel
Worship Songs: Deep And Wide, See a Victory, Graves into Gardens
Game Video: Bigger Bible Books 1
Bible Story Video: Cain and Abel

Week 3: Noah was saved by the things that he did. But we are saved by what Jesus did.

Synopsis: God’s grace toward Noah is attributed to Noah’s righteousness, faithfulness, and obedience. But nobody is righteous, faithful or obedient enough to deserve the ultimate salvation that Jesus offers. Our salvation is founded in Christ’s actions, not our own.
Scripture: Genesis 6-9, Noah
Worship Songs: See a Victory, Graves into Gardens, No Longer Slaves
Game Video: Snail Race: Ted Wins
Bible Story Video: Noah

Week 4: The Holy Spirit brings unity to a divided world.

Synopsis: At Babel, people suddenly spoke different languages, so that nobody could understand each other. This led to countless centuries of division, tribalism, and warfare. But at Pentecost, the disciples suddenly spoke in different languages, so that everybody could understand. Pentecost is the redemption and reclamation of the event that first divided humanity.
Scripture: Genesis 11, Tower of Babel
Worship Songs: Graves into Gardens, No Longer Slaves, See A Victory
Game Video: Breakout: Memory
Bible Story Video: Tower Of Babel

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