Road Trip

Road Trip

Preschool Main Idea:  Abraham’s blessing served a purpose far greater than himself.

Preschool Bible Story: Genesis 12, God Calls Abraham

Because repetition is so important for this age group, preschoolers will be allowed to focus on the same Bible story for the entire month. However, each week will offer a new way to present that Bible story to your group using creative storytelling techniques, crafts, games, and more! You'll also get a take home sheet for parents and a special lesson for 1 & 2 year olds.



Week 1: Abraham’s blessing served a purpose far greater than himself.

Synopsis: God made a covenant with Abraham, promising to bless him and his family into the future. But Abraham’s happiness and wellbeing was not the end-goal of this blessing. God promised that eventually, this blessing would extend to the entire world. Abraham was blessed, so that others would also be blessed. And Jesus is the full realization of this blessing. We should not view our own happiness as the end-goal of the blessings that God has given us. God blesses us, so that we can be a blessing to others.
Scripture: Genesis 12, God Calls Abraham
Worship Songs: I Have Decided To Follow Jesus, Raise a Hallelujah, Jireh
Game Video: Turtle Race
Bible Story Video: God Calls Abraham

Week 2: Jesus is God’s ultimate sacrifice.

Synopsis: God asked Abraham to make a special road trip with his only son, Isaac. But this was not to be a fun trip. God told Abraham to sacrifice his son as an offering. During this time, ritual human sacrifice was normal. It was the greatest way to prove your devotion to the god you worshiped. So, the original context of this story was a powerful message, forbidding human sacrifice. But on this side of the cross, we see a foreshadowing of Jesus, and a God who loved us enough to give up the ultimate sacrifice.
Scripture: Genesis 22, Abraham Tested
Worship Songs: Raise a Hallelujah, Jireh, Graves into Gardens
Game Video: Love It Or Leave It
Bible Story Video: Abraham and Isaac

Week 3: Our own efforts can get us into trouble. But if we depend on Jesus, He is faithful.

Synopsis: Not all road trips are planned. Jacob’s first journey was a mad dash for his life. He was running his brother Esau, who was in a murderous rage. Jacob’s manipulations and deceptions had finally caught up with him, and now he was alone in the wilderness, not knowing exactly where this journey would lead. But even though he blew it, God had a plan for this journey, and was ready to do something new in Joseph’s life.
Scripture: Genesis 26-28, Jacob Flees
Worship Songs: Jireh, Graves into Gardens, Gratitude
Game Video: Sir Laughsalot
Bible Story Video: Jacob Flees

Week 4: Esau showed the kind of grace that Jesus taught us to live out.

Synopsis: After years, Jacob returned home, expecting his brother’s vengeance. He prepared for the worst, sending ahead peace offerings in order to placate Esau’s rage. But when they finally reunited, Esau welcomed Jacob with open arms. It turns out to be a beautiful story of grace and forgiveness. When we fail, and come back to Jesus, what do we expect to find? Do we approach God as though we must placate His anger and rage? Or do we believe what Jesus teaches us about God’s grace and forgiveness?
Scripture: Genesis 32-33, Jacob's Return
Worship Songs: Graves into Gardens, Gratitude, My God Is So Big
Game Video: Breakout: Riddle
Object Lesson: Esau Forgives Jacob

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